Operation SafeDrive


The Program

Operation SafeDrive will help to protect lives and help to strengthen our communities by encouraging individuals to actively participate in bystander intervention. If someone is impaired or intoxicated don’t let them drive and don’t get into their car. If you witness this type of risky behavior this is an opportunity for you to intervene through positive peer pressure. We can all save a life by being responsible members of the community and choosing to protect our peers.


Operation SafeDrive empowers responsible sober individuals and group peers with a proven FDA cleared and Federally charted medical device, the BreathIQ Alcohol Indicator. This device can effectively test an individual to determine if they are impaired or intoxicated by alcohol. This new approach to alcohol prevention through intervention with a proven alcohol countermeasure is what makes Operation SafeDrive a unique and innovative program.

Operation SafeDrive can have a real impact beyond the roads!

Alcohol affects judgment and can make individuals more belligerent, confrontational, provocation, aggressive, disorderly, violent and engage in risky behaviour and not realize the consequences. Alcohol is also a depressant and it directly affects your coordination, reaction time, balance and memory. It can also make you feel drowsy or sleepy. Alcohol intoxication can also lead to a complete blackout, no memory or recollection of what happened or of events.

Operation SafeDrive can make a positive impact in our communities by leading to the reduction and prevention of Alcohol Abuse and;
1.) Alcohol Related Injuries and Death
2.) Driving Under the Influence (DUIs)
3.) Alcohol Related Accidents (ARIs)
4.) Physical Assault and Abuse
5.) Sexual Assault
6.) Unsafe Sex (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)
7.) Suicide (a high percentage of suicides involve alcohol usage)
Data released by CDC, in April 2016, indicates the United States is experiencing “a sustained increase in suicide rates across all age groups for both sexes” with a 24 percent rate increase from 1999-2014, as compared to 1986-2000.
8.) Alcohol Related Health Problems (Cardiovascular, Infectious and Digestive Diseases, and Cancers)
9.) Vandalism and Property Damage
10.) Involvement with the Police

BreathIQ has been honored in providing support to our troops by being selected as an alcohol countermeasure in the Unites States military and to have been congressionally supported. As a result of this success and due to the need for combating alcohol misuse in the civilian population BreathIQ developed Operation SafeDrive. The program is founded on the principle that testing should always be at impairment and not at intoxication. Therefore all alcohol indicators are calibrated at .04 BAC. BreathIQ Alcohol Indicators are Not For Self-Testing! Alcohol Impairs Judgement!

BreathIQ has a Proven Technology that was Pioneered almost 20 years ago and its programs are Federally Chartered in Reducing Alcohol Related Incidents and DUIs by 75 to 100%


small, compact, durable and easy to carry!

Each keychain container holds one disposable alcohol indicator. The alcohol indicator is pre-calibrated to .04% breath alcohol level. The small keychain easily fits on your keys or inside a pocket, purse or glove box. Additionally, the device is:
• Easy to Use, Reliable and 99.9% Accurate
• FDA Cleared • Patented • California Prop 65 Compliant
• Durable • Shockproof • Weather Resistant • Temperature Resistant • Hermetically Sealed
• Doesn’t require batteries, calibration, or any special care.  They can be left in a hot car, put on a key chain, stuffed into a back pack, or left for years in a glove box and still be usable and accurate.


Protecting Freedoms Guardians!

BreathIQ has a long history of proven Alcohol Prevention programs. Here are some of our latest efforts to protect Freedoms Guradian’s, the men and women that serve in our Armed Forces!

Championed by United States Special Operations Command, USSOCOM “safety begins with me” program.
Marine Corps Special Operations Command, MARSOC and part of the commandant of the Marine Corps   “protect what you've earned” program.
Army Special Operation Center of Excellence / Special Warfare Center School “safety begins with me” program.
POTFF The Preservation of Force and Family, suicide prevention utilizing “Life Guard” program protocol.


BreathIQ military Program Accolades

BreathIQ has received recognition for the effectiveness of it’s military alcohol prevention programs/protocols. Here are some of these Awards and Best Practices.

• Granted a Best Practice by the US Army Combat Readiness Center
• Granted a Best Practice by the US Naval Safety Center “shipmates take care of shipmates” program.
Kenneth O. Preston Sergeant Major of the Army Safety Award
Chief of Naval Operations Safety Award