Operation SafeDrive


Operation SafeDrive is a Community Awareness and Intervention Program

that focuses on alcohol misuse and abuse prevention. The programs national goal is to educate all our diverse communities on the importance of bystander intervention and positive peer pressure as an effective countermeasure tool for combating alcohol misuse.


Risky Behavior Countermeasure

Operation SafeDrive utilizes BreathIQ technology which is Federally Charted in reducing ARI's (alcohol related incidents) and DUI's by 75% to 100%. These devices have been Granted a Best Practice within the US Military and have a 17 year proven track record with the Department of Defense.

Alcohol is the Leading Risk Factor for Death and Disease

Alcohol is associated with 3 million deaths each year and the seventh-leading risk factor for premature death and disability globally. World Health Organization 2018


safety ambassadors

Safety Ambassadors are Operation SafeDrive volunteers that actively participate at community events. These individuals are committed and involved in creating positive changes in the community. They are visible and assessable, and they are there to set an example, educate residence, encouraging responsibility and are focused on changing perceptions and attitudes related to alcohol misuse.

Due to the diverse nature of our communities it is imperative that local leaders from such communities get involved as Safety Ambassadors. Alcohol misuse is a national problem and it negatively impacts all communities equally.


We can all save a life!

Positive change can only come from your individual contribution and personal application. You must set an example for others in your community by choosing to act with intervention. Every time you see someone that is about to make a deadly mistake and is impaired by alcohol, choose to:



get their keys or call them a ride!

Alcohol is a depressant and slows brain activity. It directly affects your judgment, coordination and memory. This makes individuals more likely to engage in risky behavior and not realize the consequences.

It is up to our peers and friends to protect us as those under the influence of alcohol are not capable of making good decisions.



Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

• 3rd leading lifestyle-related cause of death in the nation
• One in every 12 adults, suffer from alcohol abuse or dependence
• 60% of College Students ages 18-22 drank alcohol in the past month
• 1 in 3 Driving Fatalities are caused by alcohol-impaired drivers
• Up to 40% of all hospital beds in the United States (except for maternity & intensive care patients) are being used to treat health conditions that are related to alcohol consumption
• In 2010, alcohol misuse cost the United States $249 Billion.

Data from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism